Bus transportation from Toronto through Getaway Coach Lines 1-888-833-2628 or www.getawaycoachlines.com or  www.midlandtours.com for more information

Effective December 13, 2013.

This years fare is: $48 (HST Incl) ~ Toronto

                             $23 (HST Incl) ~ Barrie


The schedule will be as follows:


Departs Toronto Downtown:   8:30 am (Greyhound)

Departs Yorkdale:                  9:00 am

Arrives Barrie:                        10:00 am


Depart Barrie:                         10:15 am (Getaway Coach)

Arrives Mt. St. Louis:               11:05 am



Departs Mt. St. Louis:              4:55 pm (Getaway Coach)

Arrives Barrie:                          5:45 pm


Departs Barrie:                         6:15 pm (Greyhound)

Arrives Yorkdale:                      7:00 pm

Arrives Toronto Downtown:       7:45 pm


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