Christian Primrose

AGE: 20
TEAM: MSLM Park Ranger, SIMPLE, Canadian Wakeboarding National Senior Team
SPONSORS: RipCurl, Dragon,
WHAT’s on YOUR IPOD right now: Fun Pump up Jams for Riding!

FAVOURITE MOMENT on the slopes: Hang out with friends and landing double corks
One word to describe me? BRO!
Fav food/restaurant? Chicken Stew
WHAT INSPIRES ME? Sick runs in the park with the boys
My role model/s is/are? Travis Rice
Advice to Future Athletes:  Always be committed
You’d be surprised to know about me….: I can backflip on roller blades and throw triples.
Why ski/snowboard? Because it's AWESOME!
Why train at MSLM? It's the best park around!

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