Simple Snowboarding 


Freestyle Snowboard Coaching Program


Simple Snowboarding has been running out of Mount St Louis Moonstone for 6 years now. MSLM offers the best freestyle terrain in Ontario and Simple Snowboarding offers the highest quality-coaching program, which is why they are such a natural pairing.


If you are passionate about Freestyle Snowboarding and want to improve your skills, Simple has the industry insight and techniques to get you there quicker than you thought possible. Whatever your reasons for wanting to reach the next level, personal or competitive, the Simple Snowboarding team creates an environment that will help you surpass your goals and have the best season of your life!

Simple Snowboarding President, Sam Marcotte, and his Head Coach, Elliot Catton, have some of the highest qualifications in Canada and have an extensive background in Snowboard coaching; they are also former International competitive Snowboarders. In the past 6 years Sam has created one of the best Snowboard Coaching Programs on offer, as well as played a key role in developing some of the best Coaches and up and coming Snowboarders in Canada.

Elliot was selected to coach the first ever Youth Winter Olympics as the sole Canadian Team Coach in 2012.  His efforts were highly successful, returning with Olympic Gold Medals in both Male and Female Slopestyle. Sam and Elliot have a team of coaches working with them who are enthusiastic about fostering the next generation of snowboarders.

You will learn, develop and progress by being a part of Simple Snowboarding; the commitment and effort you put in will definitely pay off with the fun you'll have and friends you'll make. We have an Introduction Program (25 days), a Step Up Program (35 days), and a Full Program (45 days). We encourage getting started on the right path at a young age, which is why we also offer a Grom Program for those under the age of 13.  We also run international training camps with options for off-season training on snow and travel to events both local and international during the season, depending on team member’s abilities.

For more information on Simple Snowboarding check out our website at or you can email us at

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