Mount St Louis Moonstone Credit is based on the following:
Medical; injury/illness onset and incapacity
Job relocation of parent or participant

Requirements for Program Cancellation Request:

  1. An email request for credit must be sent to or
  2. Medical letter and or form signed by the participant’s doctor for injury/illness onset and incapacity. Pictures, scans of the injury are not accepted.
  3. Letter from parent’s or participant’s HR department for relocation and for military service.
  4. Program pass must be returned.
  5. All documentation must be submitted before the request can be finalized.
  6. Credits will not be processed after the programs ends.

Program classes are held in all weather conditions.

Exclusions: Weather, travel or snow conditions, act of God, disregard for or violation of Mount St Louis Moonstone safety rules or Pass terms or use.

Not Applicable: Lift Ticket Vouchers and/or Lift Tickets.

Email submission date and receipt for the 2019/2020 program determines amount of credit provided to or   

Program Value Protection Credit Schedule

January 3, 2020

January 4, 2020 to January 20, 2020

January 21 to February 4, 2020

MSLM  Credit Available

MSLM Credit Available

MSLM Credit Available

100 %



MSLM Credit cannot be used towards food or beverage purchases.

Misplaced, Lost or Forgotten Season Podium Pass or Program Pass:  Pass holders must not access trails and lifts without their pass.  If the pass is misplaced, lost or forgotten the Pass holder must advise Mount St. Louis Moonstone immediately.  A lost/forgotten pass lift ticket (LFP) may be purchased once per season at posted prices.  Any subsequent lift tickets must be purchased at full posted rates.  There are no complimentary lost Podium Pass replacements.  A lost pass may be reprinted once per season, for $100+hst. If an LFP lift ticket or pass is found in use by a person other then the rightful pass holder, the LFP lift ticket and pass will be revoked without refund and the pass holder may be prohibited from Mount St. Louis Moonstone facilities for the entire season, without refund.  

Use of a Pass by Another Person:  A pass may be confiscated with no re-issue if in the sole judgement of a Mount St. Moonstone representative, it is used in a fraudulent manner.  A $100 fine plus the price of a daily ticket may be charged to the Pass holder for any fraudulent use by another person. 

Mount St Louis Moonstone reserved the right to revoke program passes without refund for:

  1. Misconduct or breach of the Alpine Responsibility Code
  2. Violation of terrain park rules and/or chairlift safety procedures
  3. Assisting another person in a way to obtain unauthorized entry to Mount St Louis Moonstone.
  4. Attempted use of a program pass by someone other than the photographed person.
  5. Unauthorized reproduction or any other misuse of program passes/daily lift tickets and/or coupons
  6. Acting disrespectfully toward Mount St Louis Moonstone staff or other patrons.

These or other violations may result in criminal prosecution.