Open 9am-4pm Until April 9th   

Rental Repair


Hours of Operation

Open 9am-4pm until April 9

Repair Rates


Full Tune Up Skis $65.00
Full Tune Up Snowboard $65.00
Race Tune Up- Sharpen, Stone Grind & Wax $90.00
Family Tune Up (2 Adults & 2 Youth) $175.00
Binding Drill Mount $52.00
Binding Plate Mount $27.00
Stone Grind Only $32.00
Iron on Wax $38.00
Ski Size 135 cm or Smaller Tune Up $47.00
Sharpen Edges Only $32.00
Single Basket $16.00
Basket Pair $16.00
Toe Strap or Ankle Strap $16.00
Ladder Strap or Ratchet Buckle $16.00

All prices subject to HST
Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice.